About Us

Our Vibrant Homes team has over 100 years of combined experience in construction and real estate. At Vibrant Homes our #1 priority is YOU! We're here to make your vision of the perfect home a reality. We don't just talk the talk, we deliver!

Craig Miller

Craig has been in the construction business since 1975. His experience in constructing both commercial buildings and residential homes will be invaluable to you in creating your perfect home. Developers, owners, and architects all prefer working with Craig because of his professional attitude, desire to understand each home owner's vision, and his attention to detail. Craig believes that cost effective projects with value engineering are accomplished by raising the level of Commitment and Service with Quality people, Fair Pricing, and Timely completion.

Jason Miller

Jason has over 20 years of experience in construction and construction management. He has built projects ranging in price from $25,000 to $12,000,000. Jason has built homes, office buildings, apartment complexes, banks, Movie Theaters, Skilled Nursing facilities, medical office buildings, hotels, restaurants, and concrete construction projects. He has worked and understands all divisions of construction, and is very familiar with the latest products and designs. He knows good craftsmanship and how to get it done correctly. He understands how to read the construction documents or "plans". He has a very good sense of what construction projects should cost from years of estimating and bidding on projects. Jason has built projects all over Utah and Idaho. If you need something built, Jason can help you with all stages of the construction process. From the initial idea, to meeting with the architect, working with the city and building inspections, to final inspections occupancy and completion of any new structure.

Brock Madsen

Brock has over 26 years of professional speaking experience. Many of those years speaking about Real Estate. His experience extends from speaking in all 50 states, to speaking in numerous countries. Brock has won numerous awards, including Speaker of the Year for each company he has represented. Brock attended College at University of Mesa State and the University of Utah, after which he began investing in real estate and found his true career passion. Brock considers it an honor to build homes in the state of Utah. He believes when a person buys a new home they should get the home they deserve. He has always believed in doing things right and doing what you say you'll do. Brock's favorite quote is, "Success follows when people come first." That's why when you buy a Vibrant home; you'll always know YOU are the most important thing about every home we build.

Trey Madsen

Trey has been in the real estate business for three years. He started out wholesaling homes, then started in remodeling them. He is now very excited to get into building new homes. Trey has loved being involved in real estate, and he has also loved working with people, which is why he decided to become a Real Estate Agent. He is ready to talk to you and help you find, or build your perfect home!

Kassen Madsen

Kassen has been involved in real estate for 5 years. He has developed many valuable skills for the real estate world. From interior design, to exterior landscaping. Kassen is ready to help you get started on your home building experience, and happy to answer any questions you have about the process.